A #Tardis key

A #Tardis key

August 7, 2012 1:58 pm 0 comments

A friend of mine from work is a huge Dr Who fan. Saying that is a gross understatement. He is the biggest Dr Who fan I know. So when he sends an email asking if anyone knows a Dr Who prop and what episode it’s from, I know it’s going to be good. He sends me a picture of a Tardis key he saw online. I immediately jump onto the internet and start doing my search.

I found two websites that had a good deal of information on Tardis keys. The first is The Tardis Index File. It is a wiki site that covers Dr Who, Torchwood, The Sara Jane Adventures and K9. It is updated and supported by its fans.  I found a page dedicated to the Tardis key. The section of the page going into the history of its design I found very interesting.  It gives a small history of the design changes as the various Doctors have changed it.

The second site is Dirty WHOers. I love the name of this website! They have a page with a picture of various keys from a fan. This picture had the mysterious key that my friend was looking for! Clicking on the page took me to Deviant Art where a fan who goes by the name Police-Box-Traveler explains his keys in the picture. It turns our that our mystery key is from an episode of the show titled Ghostlight.

In true geek fashion, we are now watching Ghostlight during the next couple of lunches. You see, once my friend was told this information, he immediately dug through his archives and brought the show in.

What good is finding this information out when you can’t verify the data?

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