And Here I Sit aka #CommutefromHell

And Here I Sit aka #CommutefromHell

July 31, 2012 1:19 pm 0 comments

Light Rail CommuteIt’s no secret that I have a horror commute. At best it’s four hours a day. On a bad day it’s six. Worst case scenario, let’s just say I have a plan involving a sofa at a friend’s house near where I work. I have few things that I enjoy during this time. I love my music. My iPhone has saved countless people from my ire sitting on the train. I love my Nook by Barnes & Noble. I’m currently at the end of the fourth and final book in the Inheritance Cycle by Paolini. My iPad with its applications, dropbox, and Bookman application that allows me to read things from ebooks, to PDF’s, to comics.  I will submerge myself in the distraction so that I don’t have to hear everyone else’s business as they converse all around me.

Then I have days like today. I’m running late to start things off. I hop on my first of two trains. Just past halfway to my destination we’re told that we’re being delayed for an uncertain amount of time due to a disabled train ahead on single tracks. This isn’t too uncommon on a light rail system. The one that I commute on goes back and forth between single and double track. A disabled train on single tracks can gum up the works. In most cases however it only causes me to be delayed between thirty minutes to an hour. Today we had a few issues. A fire at the southern end of the line delayed trains headed north for a time. Busses were used to bypass that area until the crisis was over. Then a disabled train toward the northern end ruined my morning in a few more ways.

The northern train being disabled on single track delayed my commute by more than an hour. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I spent that time sitting in the original train car I hopped on. That train wasn’t packed. The people on it weren’t overly loud or rude. I heard a few grumbles when the delay announcement was made but nothing else. Unfortunately, we were asked to exit that train as it was being reassigned as a southbound to keep that schedule going. A good ten minutes later provided our replacement train, already packed. I should have known better but I figured that perhaps the last car on this train would better suit the environment I was looking for. That’s when the fun began.

The last car was just as packed as the other three. I found a seat toward the end of the car which had facing rows of seats. The best I could hope for was to lose myself in music and hope for it to drown out everyone else. Everyone else happened to be people who worked together. They were a friendly enough bunch, to each other anyway. The conversations had to be loud enough to span at least three rows of people. Their laughing at the jokes being told drowned out my earplugs.  My comfort to be at least heading north again was short lived when we stopped in the middle of nothing. Now I can hear all of the complaints and boasts by the louder members of the group. Hooting. Hollering. Complaining. Whining.  They drowned out the loudest of my current music selection on my iPhone.

I’m not even half way through my morning commute and it’s already been 2 hours. I’m right smack in the middle of things I hate. It can’t be avoided especially on mass transit.

And here I sit. Sigh.

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