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5 Social Media Mistakes to Stop Making At Work via

5 Social Media Mistakes to Stop Making At Work via


This is an artocle posted on by contributor Kelly Clay. I think this is a subject that needs to be constantly addressed so it’s being reposted here.
Social media is a critical component of maintaining relationships with colleagues, friends, and family. But is using social media at work causing you to make costly mistakes? John Pirc, security researcher and Director of Product Management for HP TippingPoint and co-author of Cybercrime and Espionage, recently spoke about the risks of social networking in the enterprise at HP Discover in Las Vegas. During HP Discover, Pirc was interviewed by Seattle tech blogger, Jake Ludington, about the kinds of risks posed by social media and how those risks can be mitigated. Pirc outlines several social media mistakes that many people make on a daily basis at work that can be damaging to both their careers and their company. (The full interview is also available to watch.)

Don’t Check-In Everywhere, All-The-Time. Geolocation apps like Foursquare are popular, especially at locations offering rewards and discounts for check-ins. Pirc warns that those who use these apps should be wary about using them all the time, particularly when visiting locations for business purposes. Employees should avoid checking in to protect all parties involved, especially when they may be negotiatiating mergers, acquisitions, or competitive projects.

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Dell XPS X13 Ultrabook Review

Dell XPS X13 Ultrabook Review


Reviewed by JPerez, 4/25/2012

When I first heard about the Ultrabooks, I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical. I bought into the Netbook craze only to be disappointed. In short, it was a tool to surf the web and nothing more. I feared that the Ultrabook was just a larger screened version of a netbook. As it turns out, I was wrong.

I was asked if I would like to test the Dell XPS X13 Ultrabook. I had been pricing them out and jumped at the opportunity for a hands on experience. The unit had already been through our Office Technologies group. It had our business essentials such as office application and VPN installed. To start things off I added a couple of additional browsers (Firefox & Chrome), dropbox, Nook application by Barnes & Noble, and finally my normal array of clean-up applications such as CCLeaner and SuperAntiSpyware.

I was quickly impressed by how much the Ultrabook was NOT a Netbook. I had no speed issues opening and editing any of my office files. The screen resolution was such that I had great images in my documents, PDF’s and when viewing websites. It is still a 13.3” screen. Anyone with hopes of seeing a full page even at the unit’s highest resolution will be disappointed. I did get enough of a page on screen though that it was not an issue for me.

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New Apple Info from Gadget Lab Twitter Feed

New Apple Info from Gadget Lab Twitter Feed

I’m watching the Gadget Lab Twitter Feed as they are watching the Apple annoucements today.  Some interesting news for those waiting to hear what all the Apple excitement is about:
I’ll update if more interesting items come out.

Apple TV

  • The new Apple TV supports 1080p with iCloud now supporting 1080p movies and TV shows for the iTunes store.
  • Apple TV available next week for $99. You can pre-order today.


  • The new iPad features Retina display.
  • The iPad Retina display is 2048 x 1536 with over 3.1million pixels and 264 pixels per inch.
  • the iPad is powered by Apple’s new quad-core A5x chip. According to Apple it’s twice as powerful as the A5.
  • New iSight camera on the back of the iPad. 5MP, 1080p video recording. The same optics system used in the iPhone 4S.
  • iPad will be 4G LTE
  • The iPad will feature 4G LTE with potential 73Mbps connection. Verizon, AT&T, Rogers, Bell and Telus will be first carriers.
  • Available on March 16 starting at $499. Preorders start today.
  • The iPad 2 is getting a price cut to $399 for 16GB Wi-Fi, $529 for Wi-Fi 3G.


  • iWork will be updated to support Retina display. $9.99 each. free update for current users.
  • iPhoto for iPad introduced.
  • iPhoto for iOS is available today for $4.99 for iPad and iPhone.
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Stuxnet: Computer worm opens new era of warfare – CBS News

Stuxnet: Computer worm opens new era of warfare – CBS News

(CBS News) The most pernicious computer virus ever known wasn’t out to steal your money, identity, or passwords. So what was the intricate Stuxnet virus after? Its target appears to have been the centrifuges in a top secret Iranian nuclear facility. Stuxnet showed, for the first time, that a cyber attack could cause significant physical damage to a facility. Does this mean that future malware, modeled on Stuxnet, could target other critical infrastructure — such as nuclear power plants or water systems? What kind of risk do we face in this country? Steve Kroft reports.

You can watch the segment & read teh script here.


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Millions Download New Trojan Discovered in Android Market – PCMag

Millions Download New Trojan Discovered in Android Market – PCMag

Android malware SW


Symantec has discovered a new Android botnet that is still thriving in the Android Market and has already been downloaded several million times this year.

The Trojan ‘Android.Counterclank’ was packaged in at least 13 free games published by three different publishers, making it harder to trace. Symantec notified Google on Thursday and at press time, 9 of the apps were still available in Google’s official app store. Click on the publisher’s name to see which apps are still up:  

Published by iApps7 Inc:
Counter Elite Force
Counter Strike Ground Force
CounterStrike Hit Enemy
Heart Live Wallpaper 
Hit Counter Terrorist
Stripper Touch Girl 

From publisher Ogre Games:
Balloon Game
Be Millionaire
Wild Man

From publisher redmicapps:
Pretty women lingerie puzzle
Sexy Girls Photo Game
Sexy Girls Puzzle
Sexy Women Puzzle

According to Symantec researcher Irfan Asrar, ‘Counterclank’ can carry out commands from a remote control center on your mobile device. According to Symantec’s virus definition, it steals information and can potentially display ads on your device.

“When the package is executed, a service with the same name may be seen running on a compromised device. Another sign of an infection is the presence of the Search icon above on the home screen,” Asrar wrote. 

No information on geographic scope has been given, but Asrar said that the sheer number of downloads, 1-5 million, makes it the most widespread piece of mobile malware found so far this year. 

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Secure Your Facebook Timeline

Secure Your Facebook Timeline

Facebook has become the place to keep everyone updated on everything you do during the course of the day. You have to keep in mind that things you post online can and will be used against you whenever possible. The best thing to do is secure who can see your posts and use some judgment on the content. We are starting to see more people having their houses robbed after they announced their vacation dates people getting fired from their jobs after bad mouthing their bosses.

Facebook’s new timeline feature makes it even easier to go through your past. Here are some tips borrowed from a’s, Andy O’Donnel on how you can help secure your timeline!

Make all your past posts in your Timeline accessible to friends only

Facebook has a feature called Limit the Audience for Past Posts. This button will change all of your past posts from their current state to Friends Only. This is a global change which may impact pictures, videos and other posts that you had previously made public. These items will now be Friends Only but if friends are tagged in them then friends of friends may still be able to see them.

To enable the Limit the Audience for Pasts Posts feature:

1. Log into Facebook and click on the arrow at the top right corner of the page.

2. Choose Privacy Settings from the drop down menu.

3. Click the link that says Manage Past Post Availability.

You will then be presented with a warning that states: If you use this tool, content on your timeline youve shared with friends of friends or Public will change to Friends. Remember: people who are tagged and their friends may see those posts as well. It also lets you know that you have the option to individually change the audience of your posts.

4. Click the Limit Old Posts button to confirm the permissions change.

Set Your Default Privacy Setting for Future Timeline Posts

emWhenever you post something on Facebook in the timeline or otherwise, your default posting permissions are used./em For example, if your default setting is for friends only and you post a status update then only your friends will be able to see that status update in your timeline. You can customize your default setting for all future posts in the privacy settings menu. Heres how to do it:

1. Click the arrow in the top right corner of the screen and choose Privacy Settings from the drop down menu.

2. In the middle of the page you will see a section titled Control Your Default Privacy, choose either Friends or Custom to select individuals or groups lists. I recommend you DO NOT choose public as this lets the world see all of your future posts.

strongConsider enabling the Timeline Review and Tag Review features/strong

1. Click the arrow in the top right corner of the screen and choose Privacy Settings from the drop down menu.

2. Click the Edit Settings link in the How Tags Work section.

3. From the pop-up menu that appears, click the Off link.

4. Click the Disabled button from the pop-up window and set it to Enabled.

5. Click the Back button at the bottom of the pop-up window.

6. Choose the Off link from the Tag Review section of the pop-up and repeat the steps above to enable Tag Review.

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Welcome to Black Wednesday!

Welcome to Black Wednesday!

Does the government have the right to censor the internet? Do companies have the right to protect their property and livelihood? These are the questions that most people are talkingGoogle's  protest image about today. What Congress is talking about today. What Wikipedia & Google and other sites are talking about today. Sites are blacking out, going silent or changing logos. It’s a big deal and the right choice needs to be made. I’m talking about Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA).

The way I see it, Companies do have a right to protect themselves but it needs to be done with care. The US government is making a decision that is going to change the US. If we start blocking entire sites, IP’s and regions from the internet we are only blocking them from the US internet. The rest of the world isn’t going to care. They are going to keep sharing and downloading. Companies that want to remain a GLOBAL powerhouse will move to England or some other European company. I bet they are just jumping up and down for joy for the jobs to move over across the big blue. We have one more way to shoot ourselves in the foot because we were shortsighted.

Do your research. Read the proposals. Chime in! Let us know what you think.

Somewhere George Orwell is saying, “See, I told you so!” Haha

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Define R3 USB3.0 Black Pearl – Fractal Design

Define R3 USB3.0 Black Pearl – Fractal Design

Define R3 – the successor to the best selling Define R2! Now available with a bunch of improvements, including improved cable routing, air flow and bigger hole in M/B plate for mounting CPU coolers. A detailed list of improvements;

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MAINGEAR launches the new AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 video card in their award-winning desktops for gamers looking for an incredible gaming experience on the latest and most demanding titles.
MAINGEAR, an award-winning PC system builder of custom desktops, notebooks, and workstations, gives PC enthusiasts a reason to grin by offering the new AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 and AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 graphics solutions on their award-winning desktop systems.
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Creates the Ultimate Ultra-Compact Portable Full-Range Audio System for
iPad, iPhone, Mac/PC, & Other Devices


Soundmatters Nominated for Bluetooth SIG “Best of CES” Award

for Most Innovative Bluetooth Technology


 Soundmatters®, the leader in high-quality, portable speakers founded by former NASA engineer/audio legend Dr. Godehard Guenther, announced today  foxLO, the world’s first palm-sized hi-fi subwoofer.  Created by Soundmatters, the company world renowned for stretching the laws of physics with their diminutively sized high-performance foxLv2 line of loudspeakers, foxLO is a true hi-fi subwoofer small enough for your desktop — or your suitcase. 


foxLO features patented Linear Magnetic Drive™ woofer technology with a proprietary passive radiator system and 25 watt amplification, which brings additional clean deep bass to the already remarkable pocket-sized foxLv2 portable Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth speaker line, taking your foxL Hi-Fi speaker system (or Jambox or other speaker) deeper, creating the ultimate ultra-compact portable full-range audio system for your iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC or other portable device.   The foxLO subwoofer connects directly to the foxLv2 speaker’s convenient subwoofer output, or if you want deeper bass for your small non-foxL speaker (such as those from Jawbone® or others), you can connect the music signal directly from your laptop, etc. to the foxLO subwoofer, using its full pass-through output to connect to the Jambox or other speaker.


“While people are amazed at the overall performance and bass of our little foxL by itself, coupling it with the new foxLO sub creates a truly remarkable full-range system portable enough for any traveling audio-lover,” said Lee Adams, Vice President, Soundmatters. 


foxLO Key Features:

  • ·        Patented Linear Magnetic Drive™ woofer with proprietary passive radiator system and 25 watt amplification.
  • ·        USB-­A charging port (for foxL, Jambox, iPhone, etc.).
  • ·        Full pass audio out (3.5mm) provides full-­range signal to speakers without a

subwoofer output.

  • ·        Audio input with variable bass level and power LED.
  • ·        Dimensions: (flat): 2.5h x 4.5w x 6.3d inches (63h x 114w x 160d mm). 

                    (upright): 4h x 2.5w x 6.3d inches (102h x 63w x 160d mm)

  • ·        Weight:  23 oz/651 grams.
  • ·        Includes:  18V Power Supply Adapter, 1.8m audio cable.                    


foxLO to be Debuted at CES – Pricing & Availability


the foxLO subwoofer will be displayed for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the Soundmatters Booth #3728, January 10-13, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Priced at $149, foxLO will be available Spring 2012 through major online retailers, including,, and more, as well as through the Soundmatters site at:  For more information, see the Soundmatters site at:

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