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Replaying the classics part 1 – “The Adventures of Willy Beamish”

Replaying the classics part 1 – “The Adventures of Willy Beamish”



I always loved graphical adventure games like “King’s Quest” and “Leisure Suit Larry.”  With the global adoption of the mouse, the old style graphical adventures gave way to the “Point and Click” adventure games like “Myst”, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, and one of my all-time favorites “The Adventures of Willy Beamish” (Dynamix, 1993.)  I spent hours getting this trouble-prone kid through his quest to get enough money to enter the annual Nintari championship.  Now with my shiny new FPGA computer (the Mist from Lotharek) I have a fully functional Amiga at my disposal with plenty of old games to keep me busy.  The first of my old friends I decided to revisit was my good buddy Willy.

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The Heartbreak of No Man’s Sky

The Heartbreak of No Man’s Sky



I couldn’t wait for No Man’s Sky.  From the time I saw the video of the E3 reveal, I dreamed of exploring countless new planets and solar systems.  For a fan of games like Star Control 2 & 3 (retro games mentioned….check), this game seemed like an answer to a decades-old wish. 

I wasn’t mad when the delays happened.  If it was going to take them a bit longer to perfect the experience, then perfect away!  I wanted sci-fi nirvana.  As much as I tried to temper my expectations, I couldn’t help myself.  I was convinced No Man’s Sky was going to be everything I wanted it to be.

Finally, the day arrived.  I rushed home to my already-waiting Amazon box of joy and giggled all the way to the PS4.  The day one patch naturally took f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  Honestly, it probably wasn’t that long but I wanted to play immediately.  When it finished I booted up and….

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So You Want Your Own Arcade Cabinet?

So You Want Your Own Arcade Cabinet?


To paraphrase the great Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, Button… button… who’s got the fire button?

If you’re like me, then among other pipe dreams you grew up wanting your very own arcade cabinet.  Pac-Man, Frogger, Zaxxon and Defender were played until your fingers bled or the quarters ran out.  Even after purchasing multiple computers and consoles trying to re-capture the feeling you had playing on those cabinets, it was just never the same.

Now thanks to the miracles of modern technology and the geekiness of like-minded individuals there are multiple ways to make that dream come true.  The options range from budget-friendly to very budget-ow-quit-it.  Let’s start somewhere in the middle with:


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Valve bringing Steam to Linux

Valve bringing Steam to Linux

According to Phoronix, Valve is planning to finally release its Steam Client and Source Engine to Linux. For those unfamiliar with the Steam Client, it is a system that allows you to buy video games, both new and old, and download them directly to your computer via the internet. It also gives you a method to communicate with your gaming peers and coordinate online multiplayer sessions for these games.

I am a long time subscriber to Steam. I have the client on my pc and my iPhone. The iPhone app allows me communication & purchase. There has always been a gap in the games available to the Linux platform. Some have used applications like Wine to get some games to play. This method is usually choppy and has a few glitches.

Valve is still doing some work to the Linux applications, but it will be well worth the wait. I know one gamer who goes by the handle of Tripped who will definitely jump on this upon release!

Happy gaming!

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Gazillion Supercharges Marvel Heroes With Unreal Engine 3

Gazillion Supercharges Marvel Heroes With Unreal Engine 3


Gazillion Entertainment announces it has licensed Epic Games’ award-winning Unreal Engine 3 (UE3) to power its highly anticipated, free-to-play “Marvel Heroes” massively multiplayer online (MMO) game for PC. Under the licensing agreement, Gazillion, through its Secret Identity Studios, is using the cutting-edge Unreal Engine toolset to develop a premier entertainment experience that allows players to take on the roles of revered characters such as Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man as they play through events of the Marvel Universe.

“We love Unreal Engine 3’s streaming system. It’s made our entire technical approach possible and is easy to work with,” said Jeff Lind, studio director of Gazillion’s Secret Identity Studios. “We also love the flexibility we get from the actor components, which have empowered us to make all kinds of customizations without sacrificing the built-in features of the engine.”

Secret Identity Studios Art Director Josh Book added, “Our artists love the Unreal Content Browser, the visual art pipeline, and how functional UE3 is with different 3D packages. We had assets in the game within hours of starting work with the engine. In addition, Unreal Lightmass is a very advanced global illumination tool that has helped push the look of our game further than we thought it could go.”

“Capturing the distinctive moments of such revered fiction within a game environment is no small task, and it’s critical to use the very best tools and technology to deliver the production values fans expect,” said Joe Kreiner, North American licensing manager, Epic Games. “Having grown up with Marvel’s iconic heroes and villains, we’re really honored to help Gazillion and Secret Identity achieve their creative vision and quality bar for the game.”

For more information on “Marvel Heroes,” follow @Marvel and @SecretIDStudios on Twitter, and “Like” Marvel on Facebook at

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NEW TRAILER! Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Spooky Halloween Trailer

NEW TRAILER! Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Spooky Halloween Trailer

Super Hero Squad Online is a free-to-play browser-based MMO allowing the player to play as dozens of different Marvel Heroes, including the Super Hero Squad versions of the day-walking vampire Blade and the master of mysticism, Dr. Strange.

Super Hero Squad Online has a huge host of game worlds and missions to explore and conquer! Traverse the city streets or jump down into the sewers of Villainville, discover The World Tree and other landmarks in Asgard, fly through the sky of the Daily Bugle or scale the walls while exploring Baxter Plaza.  Players can actively engage in daily combat missions, fighting foes such as the floating freak MODOK in “MODOK Mo’ Problems” or beating up the big green goober Abomination in “Abomination Obliteration”.

With Super Hero Squad Online’s collectible card system, players build their own personalized decks with iconic Marvel Super Heroes and powers; pit them against friends in the game world, and gain experience and coins to use in game.  Additionally, players earn more epic cards by completing quests and mini-games or purchasing limited-edition cards online. Choose from hundreds of different cards, create the ultimate deck and defeat any and all challengers.

Today check out the new Halloween Trailer today!  

 Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Spooky Halloween Trailer

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DC Universe Online – Megaservers helped

DC Universe Online – Megaservers helped

Megaservers for the DC Universe Online game has revived my interest an may have saved the game.

I’ve been playing DCUO since the beta. For those that don’t know, this is a MMO based upon the DC Comics universe powered by the Unreal Tournament Engine. In the beginning it was ok but buggy. I found lag issues of every kind and toyed with both hardware and OS drivers to fix what I could from a client perspective. In the end all of the changes did nothing for the fact that the servers were all low population.

Low population servers equated to forever waits for players looking for groups to do raids and other popular events in the game. The main safe points in the game had very few actual players sitting around. Playing a PVP server was boring. My friend and I would travel the in game cities looking for victims to come down on while they tried completing their journal quests. Boring.

Sony Online Entertainment and the gang at DCUO combined the servers in hopes of fixing this problem. It worked. I’ve been able to group with people in a reasonable amount of time. We can get to some PVP without having to put out an APB on the opposing side. It will get a tiny bit laggy when you have 30 or so players in a close proximity but I can live with it. Now to fix some of these smaller software issues people are reporting and get the DLC available!

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