Comics Elite – a no shirt required comic auction site

Comics Elite – a no shirt required comic auction site

January 10, 2017 5:22 pm 1 comment

My friends at work keep me in comic books. I’ve tried several times to escape but to no avail. The latest group I’ve encountered has been the most productive as far as comic collectibles. Comics Elite started with a Facebook group run by Shawn Hudachko and has grown into something all its own.

From the humble beginnings comes a rising comic selling group.  Comics Elite (CE) is a CBCS authorized dealer. What this means for the buyer and collector is that you get an authentic, graded comic ready for presentation. To clarify what this authorization does, CBCS will grade the condition of the book, certify witnessed signatures and art or comics, or can authenticate unwitnessed signatures. You get grading, which certifies the condition of the piece, and they will encapsulate.  This hermetically seals the book which it is then put into a hard plastic protective shell with labels.


Shawn does live actions via Facebook Live, which really can’t be described as much as lived through. There is a full cast of characters involved including Steve and Vicki.  I’ve also taken part in the extended auctions held by partners and members.  I’ve especially collected great books from Barry Dutter a former Marvel editor & writer and former seller in the CE group. I’ve enjoyed watching the auctions and taking part in some of the treasure hunting that only a true collector can appreciate.

The group also does special commissions only available from Comics Elite. A couple of samples of these commissions are DeadPooh and  Hardley Thin variant covers exclusive to the CE group.

5 stars for Comics Elite and crew. We look forward to your continued growth.



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  • Quality entertainment, friendly and professional staff, and fantastic books! Shawn and the crew go above and beyond to satisfy customers and make them feel welcome at their auctions. He also coordinates donations of books to the troops overseas, at his own expense.

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