Comics That Make You Think – Surgeon X

Comics That Make You Think – Surgeon X

October 11, 2016 6:46 pm 0 comments


What if antibiotics stopped working?  What if the human race became resistant and something as simple as a paper cut or a pin prick could ultimately kill you?  That’s the premise behind the new Image title Surgeon X by writer/creator Sara Kenney.

The story takes place in the not too distant future in London.   Due to overuse of antibiotics, the human race is faced with that is described as “The Reaistance”.  While many lives have been saved since antibiotics were first discovered, people became complacent.  No new forms were found, use in treating livestock increased, “some poor countries  even sold them as sweets”.  And through all this, diseases, bacteria, and viruses evolved and became resistant.

The possiblity of this occurring is real. The scenarios described that lead to “The Resistance” are completely plausible, which makes the story even more engrossing. Comics are not always about caped heroes and evil super villains and this is a great example of something different.

By: Just-a-Bill, resident comic nerd

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