DC Universe Online – Megaservers helped

DC Universe Online – Megaservers helped

September 1, 2011 12:02 pm 0 comments

Megaservers for the DC Universe Online game has revived my interest an may have saved the game.

I’ve been playing DCUO since the beta. For those that don’t know, this is a MMO based upon the DC Comics universe powered by the Unreal Tournament Engine. In the beginning it was ok but buggy. I found lag issues of every kind and toyed with both hardware and OS drivers to fix what I could from a client perspective. In the end all of the changes did nothing for the fact that the servers were all low population.

Low population servers equated to forever waits for players looking for groups to do raids and other popular events in the game. The main safe points in the game had very few actual players sitting around. Playing a PVP server was boring. My friend and I would travel the in game cities looking for victims to come down on while they tried completing their journal quests. Boring.

Sony Online Entertainment and the gang at DCUO combined the servers in hopes of fixing this problem. It worked. I’ve been able to group with people in a reasonable amount of time. We can get to some PVP without having to put out an APB on the opposing side. It will get a tiny bit laggy when you have 30 or so players in a close proximity but I can live with it. Now to fix some of these smaller software issues people are reporting and get the DLC available!

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