#DoctorWho – Deep Breath

#DoctorWho – Deep Breath

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The 12th Doctor! The 12th Doctor!

Last night was the series premier of Doctor Who Series 8 and of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. The episode is called Deep Breathe and takes place just after Matt Smith’s Doctor regenerates into this new version. For those familiar with the Doctor, I do not have to describe the joy and anticipation leading up to the airing.  I watched it last night and now again with my daughter. I felt the need to write down a few thoughts.

If you haven’t watch the episode yet you may want to stop now (Spoilers!).

Let me start by saying that I have been waiting for this version of the Doctor since the reboot happened in 2005. Peter Capaldi was absolutely brilliant. He managed to blend Hartnell & Baker, dress like Pertwee and give us a touch of Eccleston in approach. As with most regenerations, he starts off disoriented. As the episode progresses, he starts to come to show that he still has the quick sharp Doctor wit. I love how Clara (Jenna Coleman) doesn’t just immediately accept this new regeneration. She shows the strong character who doesn’t need to always play the damsel in distress. Clara is run through the entire range of emotion this episode, fragile yet strong. At times, doubtful yet confident in herself.

I will avoid replaying the episode in this post however I do have to point some things out. Some of the dialogue pays tribute to past Doctors and episodes. The Doctor is heard saying that he needs a long scarf before dismissing it as stupid.  Madame Vastra says ‘Well then, here we go again, which is said by the Brigadier when Pertwee regenerates into Baker’s Doctor. The Doctor eludes to having seen his face before. This is a reference to Capaldi playing a different role in a previous episode (Fires of Pompeii).  There is also many mentions of knowing the clockwork robots from before. This is referencing the episode “Girl in the Fireplace”. Clara says ‘You’ve redecorated – I don’t like it!’ when entering the new TARDIS. This was said by  David Tennent’s Doctor and also by Patrick Troughton’s doctor in the Three Doctors and Five Doctors specials.

I can’t say enough just how thrilled with Capaldi’s version of the Doctor. Outstanding actor performances and the tribute dialogue blended into a well written episode, I have to pay my tributes.  The one line of dialogue that solidified my joy with the start to Series 8 is in a back and forth between the Doctor and Clara about hair. ‘I’m sorry. It’s the only one out of place. I’m sure you would want it killed.’


Doctor Who Deep Breathe

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