Favorite Sons Ride Again

Favorite Sons Ride Again

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For fans of the show, the wait between seasons was brutal.  As the season aired, the wait between episodes was tough.  And then…it ended.  No more new episodes.  While there’s been talk of spin-offs and feature films, nothing’s come to fruition yet and we’re left with a void.  That is, unless you like comic books.  

BOOM! Studios is publishing Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original.


Issue 1 picks up with Jax straight out of high school.  All the characters from Season One of the show are all there and we get to see them grow into the characters we got to know on the TV show.  While written by Ollie Masters, the book is overseen by SOA creator Kurt Sutter.  Luca Pizzari is the artist and for me the art’s been the biggest detractor so far.  Being a loyal fan of the show, I love that there’s new content.  While only two issues in as of this post, the story’s been exactly what I expect from anything SOA.  The art, though, is a bit of a distraction.  Character likenesses are close, but not quite and just feel off.  Also, the book is almost entirely in warm tones, like the cover image shown, and once you get about half way through an issue it starts to feel a little monotonous.  Still, the story is engaging and there’s no problem getting to the end and left with the same wait as when the live episodes were airing.  If you loved the show, give the comic a try.

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