From the #CoffeeUp with the @CoffeeCouple

From the #CoffeeUp with the @CoffeeCouple

July 18, 2012 8:54 am 0 comments

by Gservo

As my current coffee supply runs low, it is now time to do my first solo roast. I will be using the skills I learned from the Coffee Couple. They are one of my favorite coffee roasters, and you should give them a try.

SO what seems like a year ago, but not that long ago, I had a coffee roasting lessons with the Coffee Couple. It was a quiet day, in the center of NJ .We had been trying to “CoffeeUp” for a long time, the moon and the stars finally aligned, and it happened.

They bestowed, upon me, their mystical knowledge of coffee roasting. Something I needed to learn to further my coffee photography. It was a great day over all and I hope to return to visit them again, they are such great people.

We roasted Indian MySore, one of my favorite coffees, as we drank coffee throughout the day. I got lawsuits from several Mosquito families because their loved ones sucked my blood and got tooo much caffeine.

As is standard with me , I had a my camera, this time it was my D700 with my Tamron 28-200, a 50mm 1.8 and a 85 mm1.8 I wanted to capture the roasting, some I’ve wanted to do for quite some time.

The Coffee came out great, and I will report on my first solo roast soon .


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