Harpoon Brewery Visit at The Beer Appreciation club

Harpoon Brewery Visit at The Beer Appreciation club

August 25, 2010 2:28 pm 0 comments

on August 22 2010 Harpoon Brewery – Brewers of Harpoon IPA and UFO Hefeweizen paid a Visit to Our Beer Club, the DraughtBoard15 at the Gaslight BrewPub in South Orange NJ.

The Beers Tasted were Harpoon IPA , Octoberfest and Leviathan


It was rather underwhelming. The Host, Matt, was knowledgeable about his company and a Nice Person but did not seem too prepared. I think he was caught off guard by the group. The DraughBoard15 is made up of serious beer drinkers,  just not people there to get drunk.  The Group asked some good questions and there were some decent answers but in the end, it just was not enough.  There was not enough beer to get a good feel for the company’s style. I had never had Harpoon Before but the beer was good enough for me to drink again.

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