Review: Doctor Strange

Review: Doctor Strange

December 2, 2016 2:32 pm 0 comments


The mighty Marvel movie-making machine mystifies the masses.  The latest offering introduces the uninitiated to the Master of the Mystic Arts, Doctor Strange.  Maybe not as well known as some other Marvel heroes, the world in which the good doctor operates is one of the best suited for the big screen.

Being the GZeta resident comic book nerds means I’m obligated to see all comic-based movies.  This is one I’d been really looking forward too as soon as I heard about it.  While not one of the characters I’ve read a ton about, he’s always been one of the more fascinating heroes in my opinion.  If for no other reason, he has the coolest cape in all of comics.  And…magic!

We saw this in IMAX and it was absolutely mind-blowing.  Visually, I feel this is the most impressive Marvel movie yet.  It is an origin story, but Marvel’s been very good in their recent films with managing the pacing of those stories.  And while still following the standard Marvel winning formula; action sequence, plot, action sequence, more plot, big finish; Doctor Strange does it with style.  Finally, the icing on the cake was Benedict Cumberbatch.  Casting him in this role was perfect.  He nailed not only the look, but everything about him felt exactly what I’d always anticipated Stephen Strange would be like in the real world.

If you know about the Sorcerer Supreme, you should love this movie.  If you’re not already a Marvel True Believer, go meet the good Doctor on the big screen and get lost in his reality.

By: Just-A-Bill, resident comic nerd imjustabill

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