Review: Warcraft on Blu Ray/DVD

Review: Warcraft on Blu Ray/DVD

October 7, 2016 3:16 pm 0 comments

warcraftHaving been a World of Warcraft (WoW) player for a few years, I was skeptical of watching this movie. I have very fond memories of my time on this MMO that Blizzard puts out and didn’t want anything to tarnish it. I especially didn’t want a poor venture to just grab more money to change my outlook on WoW.

I was wrong to be skeptical. The movie was very entertaining.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way putting this up there on my all time favorite movies. I did really enjoy the imagery in the movie. ironforgeThey did a fantastic job in recreating the locations visited so very often in my gaming days.  Seeing Ironforge and Stormwind made me nostalgic. I have a friend who reinstalled the game after watching the movie. The CGI for the Orcs was very well done. I couldn’t have imagined this being done when the game first came out over a decade ago.
That being said, there were parts of the movie I disliked.  Timelines were not very well laid out. You couldn’t tell if the next scene was that same day or months later. The plot itself was very sketchy and simple.  Dialogue was lacking between main characters. There wasn’t enough said to really give you the jist of the story line which gives it that simple feeling.  I also feel they could have given more to character development. My family sitting in the same room didn’t clearly follow who was really doing what.

This is a movie that was lead by it’s graphics and let down by it’s writing. I will give it a middle of the road rating of 2.5 stars.




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