Snow White & the Huntsman

Snow White & the Huntsman

June 26, 2012 2:01 pm 0 comments

I recently saw Snow White & the Huntsman.  I have mixed feelings about the movie and on this take of the fairy tale. Quick plot summary: Snow White is the daughter of a slain king. She is imprisoned by the Kings murderer the new Queen. She escapes and they employ a Huntsman to capture her. Things happen along the way introducing the cast of characters we know from the story.

I will try to no give many spoilers as I give you my feelings on the movie. Overall, I liked the spin this movie has on the fairy tale. I say overall because the ending I would have done a bit differently if I had my druthers. Yeah I know, “Spoilers!” I won’t go any further there. The imagery in the movie was very well done. I just couldn’t help comparing some of it to the The Lord of the Rings Trilogy . It was arguably the best fantasy/medieval film series ever. Who can’t help but make the comparisons on all other films in this genre?
That being said, I looked at the cast of characters. They were portrayed well in my opinion. I have to give a standout performance award to Charlize Theron. Her performance single handedly made me like the movie. I can’t say enough about her portrayal of the Queen. For this, alone, I would recommend people seeing this movie.
There was one additional scene which reminded me of the anime Princess Mononoke. I won’t give much detail there since it will involve a small spoiler. Any fan of the anime will recognize it immediately. Anyone else needs to go get the dvd. Just saying.

In the end I would give this movie a slightly above average rating. The story spin and the Queen make the movie worth watching. The rest can be seen on Blu Ray whenever it hits the stores.

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