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Review: Warcraft on Blu Ray/DVD

Review: Warcraft on Blu Ray/DVD

warcraftHaving been a World of Warcraft (WoW) player for a few years, I was skeptical of watching this movie. I have very fond memories of my time on this MMO that Blizzard puts out and didn’t want anything to tarnish it. I especially didn’t want a poor venture to just grab more money to change my outlook on WoW.

I was wrong to be skeptical. The movie was very entertaining.

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Valve bringing Steam to Linux

Valve bringing Steam to Linux

According to Phoronix, Valve is planning to finally release its Steam Client and Source Engine to Linux. For those unfamiliar with the Steam Client, it is a system that allows you to buy video games, both new and old, and download them directly to your computer via the internet. It also gives you a method to communicate with your gaming peers and coordinate online multiplayer sessions for these games.

I am a long time subscriber to Steam. I have the client on my pc and my iPhone. The iPhone app allows me communication & purchase. There has always been a gap in the games available to the Linux platform. Some have used applications like Wine to get some games to play. This method is usually choppy and has a few glitches.

Valve is still doing some work to the Linux applications, but it will be well worth the wait. I know one gamer who goes by the handle of Tripped who will definitely jump on this upon release!

Happy gaming!

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