The Exorcist Season One Wrap-Up

The Exorcist Season One Wrap-Up

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The roller coaster ride that has been season one of Fox’s The Exorcist has come to a satisfying conclusion.  There have been several twists and turns along the way, some that we could see from a mile away and others that were glorious surprises.  Be warned – “Here there be spoilers.”  If you haven’t watched it, and you’re bothering to read this, GO WATCH IT.

Let’s start with the total abuse of Casey Rance by the demon.  Fathers Marcus and Tomas were doing everything in their power to save the poor girl, even when her body was failing and there seemed to be no chance of doing so.  Even the saintly Mother Bernadette had given up and wanted Father Marcus to let her go.  Then in walked Casey’s mother Angela, who by this time we know is really the character from the original Exorcist movie, Regan MacNeil.  The demon wanted Regan all along, as he’s the same demon (Pazuzu / Captain Howdy) and he wants his vengeance.  One of the twists that could be seen coming was Angela / Regan asking the demon to take her instead, à la Father Damien in the original movie.

There’s a fast progression as the demon goes from hiding to dismantling Angela’s family.  Luckily Tomas shows up like Luke in Jedi, now a full-on Exorcist.  I won’t spoil everything, but let’s just say things get real in the finale.  I loved the main story line about the Rance family.  I thought it was well written and beautifully acted by all involved.  Ben Daniels’ Father Marcus is the stand-out, both tough as nails and infinitely compassionate.  It was a pleasure to see the complexities of all of these characters played out over the course of the season.

What I didn’t like about this season was the side story, which was the conspiracy on the part of several demons to murder the pope.  It would be nice if the writers shove that story line onto the back burner and ultimately wrap it up next season.  The main story line is engaging enough.

Overall, I give the season 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Even the annoying side story couldn’t take away from the fantastic main story.  I can’t wait until next season!


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