Valve bringing Steam to Linux

Valve bringing Steam to Linux

May 3, 2012 7:47 pm 1 comment

According to Phoronix, Valve is planning to finally release its Steam Client and Source Engine to Linux. For those unfamiliar with the Steam Client, it is a system that allows you to buy video games, both new and old, and download them directly to your computer via the internet. It also gives you a method to communicate with your gaming peers and coordinate online multiplayer sessions for these games.

I am a long time subscriber to Steam. I have the client on my pc and my iPhone. The iPhone app allows me communication & purchase. There has always been a gap in the games available to the Linux platform. Some have used applications like Wine to get some games to play. This method is usually choppy and has a few glitches.

Valve is still doing some work to the Linux applications, but it will be well worth the wait. I know one gamer who goes by the handle of Tripped who will definitely jump on this upon release!

Happy gaming!

1 Comment

  • David "Tripped" K

    Did someone call my name? And yes this could be very interesting if they are porting there games overas well as just there client to linux. Even if it’s just a third of the games they have out there, it will still be a lot better than what was the norm on any linux machine is.

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