Which comes first; book or movie?

Which comes first; book or movie?

September 20, 2016 3:05 pm 0 comments

bookmovieSo much of what makes it to TV and movies gets its source material from printed works; i.e. books, short stories, comic books, etc.  In those situations, which are you more likely to consume first?  I can’t think of an instance where the printed version contained less detail than the screen version.  Conversely, the print version makes you rely on your imagination for the visuals, whereas the screen version…well kinda obvious.  Yet with the screen version, you’re viewing the story through a small group of peoples’ interpretation; the Director’s and Producers’.

Personally, I have this dilemma often.  When Game of Thrones first came to HBO, I waffled for weeks on whether or not to watch it.  I’d read the all the books up to that point and didn’t see how the show could come anywhere near.  I was right.  While the show is amazing, when held up against the source material it disappointed me tremendously for the amount of stuff that they just couldn’t cram into the show.  Fast forward to years later and now the show has outpaced the books.  Having so much invested into GoT, I want a conclusion and I don’t care which medium delivers it first.  Now I’m faced with the opposite situation as I started.  I will watch the final season, of that there’s no doubt.  The question then will be, will I ever go back and read the rest of the books (assuming they ever see the light of day) now I know how the story ends?  Yes, there will be more detail and more story, but at that point will I still care?

By: Just-A-Bill, resident comic nerd

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